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zlaz helps you connect and share with the Lecturers and people in your life.

About Us is run by Congregation of Netivot of New York who started this social network site to give all the people who had met different Rabbis and lecturers an opportunity to have a personal one-on-one relationship with them. Through individuals are able to present their questions to different Rabbis and lecturers and to get daily information, to receive information where the lectures are being held, and to form a personal relationship with them.

Congregation of Netivot of New York is an outreach organization promoting the Jewish Religion, and its religious ideas, concepts, moral and intellectual values which include Torah, Jewish Laws, Sabbath, holidays, and respect.  The mediums that we use to achieve these goals include holding meetings, retreats, forums, seminars, and individualized one on one study.

Over the years we have organized many lectures, retreats, seminars, and individual study encounters all over the world, successfully putting learners interested in exploring Jewish ideas, concepts, and values, in contact with knowledgeable lecturers.  Our lecturers are knowledgeable rabbis who devote their lives to Jewish study, while our learners tend to be ordinary individuals looking to learn more about Jewish values, and religious ideas.  In our mission to expand and reach more interested learners, we have begun to build a social network to connect and match these learners with knowledgeable rabbis who can help them explore aspects of the Jewish religion that they wish to learn more about. is the social media that we have opened that caters to all those who are looking to learn more about Judaism.



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